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There are a few other ways to use these voices. This is fun in and of itself, but you could also put it to work if you wanted. For example:. You could use this as an improvised Pomodoro timer. Alternatively, you could use the free app text2speech , which also works. The reality is we have this technology today, but rarely use it. Windows comes, built in, with the ability to read text and third-party apps offer additional features. Let us show you the details. Your email address will not be published.

You can now browse the entire document and look for spelling errors as it will be back working. This technology is fabulous and I am surprised it hasn't become more common. If it weren't as hidden or cryptically titled, more people would be aware of it. Constructive criticisms: consider an easy way to customize what is said and isnt formatting shouldnt always be spoken , creating a 'read from this point' command, and simple playback controls like pause play rewind fast forward. The lack of these still keep this feature mostly as a gimmick.

Voice Over is another feature well worth mentioning in a mac article like this, though well written and clear! Thanks for the article. An excellent idea for a dyslexic to help with reading academic papers Am curious as to how it will cope with some of the complex chemical names. Only one way to find out.

The dyslexic angle isn't one I thought of, good point. Let me know how the chemical names thing works out, okay?

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Thank you for the article. Though I know the feature already, I never gave it a much thought, now I will start using it frequently.

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Enter your Email. Read our privacy policy. You could use cron for a better improvised pomodoro.

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That way, it repeats. Good idea! I need to learn more about cron for sure. More information may be found at Alternate Format Services. Additional voices samples are available for purchase through the Convenienceware website. The Office of Accessible Education is in not affiliated with this business and provides this information with no guarantees or warranties.

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Your document will have been converted to plain text with all images and formatting removed. To listen from the beginning of the document, simply click play, or the black triangle at the top of the application box.


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To listen to specific lines within your document, select the text you wish to hear and then press Play. Listening to Selected Text Select the text you wish to listen to and press the Speak Selection button. A slightly different box appears, but works similar to the Open Reader interface. Speech The Speech tab allows the user to adjust the sound of the speaker, speed or rate, volume and the delay before speaking.