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Users with network connectivity can email forms with a simple mouse-click, using standard mail software. Users without network connectivity can ship the completed form on electronic media CD, floppy, etc. PureEdge forms are XML-based and completely encapsulate the presentation, logic and data into a single, signable object. This object, essentially a data file, can be distributed to users in any number of ways; however, they are typically distributed via a web site or web application.

Users can choose to run Viewer locally as a stand-alone executable, or can load it as a Netscape plug in or Internet Explorer Active Document Server within the browser. Viewer is designed to have a small client footprint, and makes use of available client technologies where possible -- this includes using the browsers for network communication, and using default MAPI clients, such as Outlook, for emailing.

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Financial terms were not disclosed. With this acquisition, IBM customers will have the ability to seamlessly integrate electronic forms or e-forms functionality into their collaborative solution. E-forms allow for the structured exchange of data -- such as inventory figures, customer data or pricing information -- between end users and back-end systems.


The ability to exchange data in a structured, standardized format is critical in vertical industries like insurance, government, banking and healthcare. By providing greater efficiency and accuracy than paper forms, e-forms technology helps businesses and organizations more quickly and easily collaborate and share information, which can increase both individual and organizational productivity. IBM's new e-form technology is based on Extensible Markup Language XML , which provides a consistent format for the sharing of documents and transactions between different applications. Support for XML allows users to rapidly create, manage and exchange forms and documents within their business, as well as with their partners and customers.

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PureEdge was also an active supporter of the open industry standard for electronic form documents called XForms. XForms is a platform independent markup language for data capture and validation within electronic forms.

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While many forms vendors use proprietary forms technology and do not support XForms creating vendor lock-in , IBM supports this open standard. XForms allows flexibility and choice and IBM intends to participate heavily in the development of this important standard by working with customers, standards bodies, open source community, partners, and industry verticals. The acquisition also complements IBM's fast-growing content management business.

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Total laziness or greed at work here, folks. They lowballed their bid for the job and then half-assed it to make more profit. And their grammar and capitalisation of "Macintosh" is equally shoddy. Amateur night.

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