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Details Face points are detected with stasm. This library relies on the python wrapper around stasm. License MIT. Project details Project links Homepage.

How to Morph Two Images on Easy MAC App

Release history Release notifications This version. Download files Download the file for your platform. Files for facemorpher, version 5. Close Hashes for facemorpher File type Wheel. Python version py2.

Upload date Jan 5, Hashes View hashes. Python version py3. File type Source. Python version None. Each layer contains its own set of markers, which define correspondence between source and target pixels. Each layer has its individual transparency and distortion curves. That means there is one and the same curve for all markers on the layer, but curves could be different for different layers. You can add and delete layers, switch them on and off, lock and unlock them for editing; the contents of layers markers can be copied and pasted between layers.

Create funny face animations. Morph them all!

Markers on each layer not only control morphing but also define what part of source and target image will participate in morphing on this layer — everything except areas inside closed-shape markers and bounding polygon around other markers will be treated as transparent.

To render project with layers Morph Man first calculates morphing for each layer and then superposes layers taking into account the transparency mask on each layer. The bottom layer, or background, is treated differently — program always adds invisibly to user to background markers a rectangle with vertexes in all image corners. This guarantees that background layer does not contain transparent areas and that morphing on background layer is done the same way as in classical case.

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Background layer is present in all projects; project with single layer is identical to classical morphing. It is important to understand how Morph Man decides what portions of image belong to particular layer and what layer areas will be transparent. Parts of image which are inside all closed-shape markers e. Canvas is a special type of background, which is kept unchanged throughout the morphing sequence; you cannot set markers and morph canvas in background layer, to the contrary, you can set markers and define morphing.

When you add canvas to your project, the layer, which previously was the background, becomes the ordinary layer — thus enabling you to define transparency otherwise background is totally non-transparent and morph background without limitations.


Remember that Morph Man adds invisible markers in all image corners on background layer, when layer ceases to be background these markers are switched off. Solid-color canvas allows for easy inclusion of morphing clips to video composition project using simple color keying. If you're looking for a solid player, viewer, and editor for photos and other media--but don't want to pay a penny for it--consider Stoik Imagic. Business Solutions. Video Enhancement SDK.

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Home Products Old products. Look Back in History Morphing has been very popular since s. Just use your imagination!

With image morphing you may transform morph your best friend into another friend or Michael Jackson, or morph your mother into Madonna! Morph your old photo into the picture of today. Transform morph yourself into any star you want! Nothing is beyond of reach.

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Stoik morph software can warp and distort images, can also design a "new picture of you": make you slim or fat, tall or small. Morpheus Photo Morpher Mac v3.


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