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Hotjar is an online behavioural tool that allows websites to improve the user experience. This program seems to get good scores from many independent testing labs, and it is enough to support most basic needs on the Mac. However, it may be incompatible with the older versions of Mac operating system.

And when its overall performance dissatisfies some users, they will find it become quite difficult to effectively uninstall AVG Antivirus from macOS. This post will guide you through the clean uninstall of any unwanted application using different methods. Typically, to uninstall an app smoothly, you should first deactivate all its currently running processes.

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There are multiple ways you can take to exit out of an app:. Once you click the Delete button, the uninstall will be handled instantly, and there is no need to empty the Trash afterwards. Notice : Be cautious when you perform this act. Any time you change your mind, you can still restore the deleted file or app right click on it in the Trash and choose Put Back option.

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The drag-to-delete method works in all versions of Mac OS X. Most 3rd party apps can be smoothly uninstalled in that way, but it is not applicable to built-in apps on Mac.

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Try this: select it in Applications folder, hold the Option key, and choose Empty Trash from the Finder menu. Now AVG AntiVirus should have disappeared from the Applications folder as well as Launchpad, and you should continue to delete associated components left behind. It is recommended to delete app vestiges if they are no longer in need or take up large disk space.

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  • But how to effectively get rid of those invalid items? If you are a Mac novice, we do not suggest you to carry out the deletion on your own, because any mis-operation might trigger problems on your other apps or even macOS itself. Are you confident in thoroughly detecting all AVG AntiVirus components hidden in deep system directory? Download App Cleaner and follow these instructions:.

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    These three steps will remove Grammarly with all their service files, including extensions. If you want to remove only extensions, just switch to the Extensions section, select unneeded extensions and click the Remove button. So if you have deleted Grammarly manually, you can switch to the Remains section and check for its leftovers.

    Download for Free Help Get Started. We hope that after this Grammarly full removal guide, you will be able to complete the task with ease.

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    Otherwise, service files can clutter your disk space and cause slow Mac performance. Get Grammarly Uninstaller.