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Xiaomi’s first laptop is a Macbook Air rival that’s as cheap as $540

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350$ MacBook AIR CLONE - CHUWI LapBook AIR

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This Picture Of 'Xiaomi's First Laptop' Is A Hoax

This Laptop is in great condition. Minor scratches on top and back Minor scratches on screen, not visible when viewing running pictures Dents at sides Slight discoloration at sides. Minor dent on top and sides Minor scratches on screen, not visible when viewing running pictures Scratches at back. Laptops - Computers. Engadget is now part of the Verizon Media family.

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To give you a better overall experience, we want to provide relevant ads that are more useful to you. Nevertheless, Huawei describes the Matebook X Pro's design as "pure and invisible," and I'd say there's a solid argument for the former rather than the latter. The laptop's purity comes from its unobscured lid and chassis, with the lid only bearing Huawei's company logo and the all-metal chassis scathed only by the diamond-cut edges tracing the outline of the machine. Even the area around the keyboard is clean, stamped only by slim speaker grilles hugging the left and right sides of the keyboard and the combination fingerprint reader and power button at the top-right corner.

The mammoth touchscreen on the Matebook X Pro adds to the purity of its design—while it's a inch notebook, the A mere 4. Even after seeing the Matebook X Pro at a briefing over a month ago, my first reaction upon opening our review unit for the first time was, "Wow, that's a big display.

The quality of the touchscreen combined with the nearly nonexistent bezels and its aspect ratio made the Matebook X Pro a solid device to use as my regular work laptop. Huawei also added an eye-comfort mode that filters out excessive blue light to make it easier to use for long periods of time, something I greatly appreciate as someone who spends far too much time staring at various sizes and types of screens. Quad speakers with Dolby Atmos support and quad far-field mics live inside the Matebook X Pro, upping the sound and voice-recognition quality of the previous notebook.

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I'm most happy to see the solitary 4GB RAM option disappear, as it wasn't equipped to support the inevitable demands put on the original Matebook X. It certainly wouldn't have been enough memory to handle the workloads possible with the Matebook X Pro's internals.

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While the connectivity environment on the Matebook X Pro remains minimalist, Huawei did make a couple of welcome changes: on the right side is one USB Type-A port, an option that was lacking in the original Matebook X and contributes to the new laptop's increased thickness; and on the left side lies a headphone jack, one USB Type-C port, and one Thunderbolt 3 port. Both Type-C ports support data transfer, charging, and docking with the MateDock 2. Some users may miss the design of the original Matebook X, but Huawei's compromises only make the new Matebook X Pro better.

Its design remains thin and light, even if it's not as wispy as it used to be, and it's still slim and chic with a solid construction that's unmarred by unnecessary design features. Most importantly, Huawei upgraded the specs to be what users expect out of a flagship ultrabook, and those new internals can only benefit the Matebook X Pro when compared to devices like the new XPS 13 laptop and the HP Spectre The full-sized, chiclet keyboard was perfectly fine for me to use to type articles regularly, and the key travel is actually more comfortable than that on my MacBook Pro.

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The Precision trackpad is also quite comfortable and is neither too big nor too small. Some laptops and convertibles haven't embraced the crazy-large trackpad trend yet—while the Matebook X Pro's trackpad isn't as big as that on the MacBook Pro, it's bigger and much easier to use than that of Samsung's Notebook 9 Pen , for example. The keyboard doesn't offer any surprise key placements, but it does include one surprise key: the camera button that hides the recessed webcam underneath it.