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Ok, merci! Mais du coup, il faut zapper le fond de teint. Hello Miriam! Hello Yakina, Parfait! CC Emma Merci pour ton article. Hello Chrissy! Isabelle 04 Mar - 10h Bonjour Emma, Merci pour tous tes judicieux conseils!

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Fleur 11 Mar - 21h Salut Emma, Merci pour cet article! Faroult 15 Mar - 19h Hello, Emma que penses tu de touche eclat? Camille 02 Avr - 21h Coucou Emma! Qui est le plus cher? Le bio ou celui de grande surface? Hello Camille, Le make up bio est une bonne alternative. Emilie 16 Mai - 08h Marielle 21 Nov - 19h Bises Audrey. Article de 3 minutes Commenter 58 Partager. Oui, merci! Je vous l'envoie directement dans votre boite mail :. Sign Up. And I never will. Les couleurs claires sont plus faciles a porter mais un rouge mat Chanel est tres elegant. Evidemment, quand on est jeune et jolie comme le modele, on peut tout se permettre!

It will last all day, even if you eat. Red lipstick does look fantastic and sophisticated but it is high maintenance indeed…no ways around it…I personally like wearing mat better!

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Of course you have all these problems when you use a creamy red lipstick YSL rouge volupte for example. You should use mattes or stains! Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick! Perfectly velvety matte. I do find that certain shades of red can make me look like Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, so now if I want the pop of color on my lips, I go for Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Rebelle, a pigmented but sheer red.

It leaves a cherry popsicle stain when it wears off and its easy to reapply without a mirror. Not an elegant evening red, but a great every day color. Des conseils? Une solution pour toi Garance : la discipline!!! Garance, la vie est plus facile avec un rouge pas trop vif!

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Rouge, bien rouge? Et pas de solution miracle en vue! Ouille… Nathalie. I love your blog! But I have to disagree with you on red lipstick. There are all sorts of options for red lipstick. Keep looking. Aaaaaaaaah — finally! Someone who admits the problem and does so in all its glory. I thought it was just me. I agree with you on all points — the thing is that either I am super confident which happens like..

Love from Vienna. Essaies et dis moi ce que tu en penses! I heard that if you hold a tissue to your lips and lightly buff on some powder through the tissue, you can help set the color. Also, you can apply the red in multiple layers, but remove enough lipstick each time to create a stain. I get my lips red by cutting a sliver off of a beet and kissing it. It gets a natural purplish-red color and it can range from very subtle to very vibrant depending on how much beet you rub on your lips!

I only wear red lipstick at on a Saturday Night walking down Fascination Street. I adore a red lip — you just need to find the right one and master the application process! LOVE red lipstick! I always use Chanel products and take the time to carefully use a lipliner in a matching shade of course then colour my lips in with the pencil.

I then use a lip brush to apply the lipstick. Garance your are so funny! Even including Robert Smith of The Cure in your post. Maybe a red lipgloss will do? Funnily enough I wore red lips for the first time in ages just yesterday. I like it! AND at 59 got way too many compliments throughout the day :D. Love the Cure! Big fan! My cousin a girl used to dress like Robert Smith! She would spend a lot of time in the morning just doing her hair like him! That was fun! But girls night out, red lipstick is a must!

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I enjoyed reading your post as always, such a delight! Totally agree about the Cure! I can see where it totally works though! Funny, yesterday I was just thinking about all the reds I have. They sit in my makeup box unused, like most of my makeup.

I have tried searching for the perfect red or red orange lipstick for a few years now. But I totally agree with all the above, the ring around the lips, the reapplying, the mess! But I still want it every time I see a perfect shade in an ad. I have recently discovered how luscious my lips were and i went to a napoleon make up party and usually i dont wear too much makeup but they made me up with gorgeous red lips.

The combination of the Napoleon the Rococo Red lip liner and Bitten Rouge gloss is an almost all night stayer. The gloss is sticky but it makes all the difference, i find that with a night of drinking and eating only 1 touch up application is required during the night.

I promise you wont be sorry! Red lips can be a bit of a man repeller, but far too chic not to wear! It is the only red lipstick that has real staying power, even after a long, long night of dancing. Ca hydrate super et lisse la peau. I know exactly how you feel but for me a red lip is just the thing to wear to a special occation or just for fun if you go shopping. For me the right lipliner is the key. And have you ever tried the actdeco collection by Dita von Teese?

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Il y en a des sublimes chez MAC. Bref, de la magie. And this is why I wear red lips on absolutely special occasions!

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  5. Red Sisley L25! PS Michelle always always looks great…. This makes the darker lipsticks that I love the look of just look stupid as you can can see my natural lip colour!

    So stupid looking! Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencils! You could eat a cheeseburger and your lipstick will remain entirely intact! Merci mille fois! Garance I love your blog! Especially your illustrations! Re: red lipstick, I find that it can be aging on a woman of a certain age.

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