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He always had a way of calming us down though. When he gave his XXL interview three years ago, with the help of Rick Rubin he seemed to catch himself.

Mac Miller - In the Bag Lyrics & Traduction

But it seemed like tranquility. That album was The Divine Feminine. You get to see the highs of romance and the lows of heartbreak. After this, Miller found love in his then girlfriend Ariana Grande.

Listen to 'What's the Use?' here.

During this time, Miller went ghost, once his tour concluded he drifted away into a mysterious abyss far from the limelight. There were photos with him and Ms. Grande, but there were no raps, no updates on his health, nothing. News came in May.

What's the Use? Songtext

Grande and Miller had called it quits. Six days after TMZ reported the breakup more news came. It all came crashing so fast. And with things appearing to be going downhill my worry for Mac returned. Two weeks later, Miller released three new songs, giving me hope that there would be an answer to my wondering thoughts on his health.

Later on in the second verse, she sings:

I loved the trio. Self Care was what I wanted to hear from Miller, he ends his first two verses with the words I needed to hear. Something about the way you look got me with you everyday, Something about the way you cook got you sleeping at my place Just something about you, about you,.

Something about your style got me picking up down, Something about the way smile got me acting like a child You aint gonna find another boy that treat you like a treat ya Take you out to dinner just to feed ya Kick it in my leiger. I am the only one to gaurentee your satisfied, Im passin by just to se them happy eyes, You laugh and cry just a little drama queen, Starter on my raster and its great to have you on the team I been noticing women making me notice them, And i been focusing to never leave you alone again, If you lonely,you can phone a friend Im am a grab you from your home an spend a night sleeping over there.

Mac Miller - What's The Use? (Audio)

Look,daze,something about them eyes, Something about the way se watch it, got her on my mind I could have every girl in the crowd room its true But theres just something about you. Something about the way you cooler than a mother fucking ice rack Got me mad when i leave but baby i will be right back She dont like that,asking me for more, Dont matter about her life ,she been asking me before it, She say that i gnore her,and i care about is work, I say its what i do is try not to be a jerk, She give a smirk,knowing how it be,go to kiss up her lips, But she turn and get a cheeck,.

Because she all about the slow seduction No rush,total crushing We been up laughing havent got to sleep in weeks, I know what you saying you dont need to speak But call me mister,make you sweat In the morning turn myself to, Mister make a check Lets go getting away with the lick of her tounge, Better together that giving it up, Remember you can never miss me enough, Whenever i am back im hitting you up,. Im consistant,not to distant Know you got a life ,so i am let you live it Oh,just respect my grind, You extra fine always got some sex in mind Lets go more its sexy time.

Ahaa,making you laugh with every line Yeah,my eye been on you lately, Im just tryna get it on. Now ladies, If a man aint treating you right, You know who to call, I gotch you!

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